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Barbed Wire
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Barbed Wire, also called Barb Wire. As a effective and economical security barrier, using low carbon steel wire with sharp edges to deter the outer instrusions. One of its important features is the low cost of ChieFence Barbed Wire. It can be used to form the inexpensive fence with high security. Considering its high security and low cost, it is one of the hot-sale products among our clients.


Lower budget.

Anti-rust,Long Service Life.

Fast Installation.

Customer specs available.

High tention strength


Barbed wire popular colors

PS: The barbed is hot-dipped galvanized only in common. colorful barbed wire is available too.

barbed wire popular colors

barbed wire popular colors

barbed wire available colors




Q195 and Q235 or high tensile steel wire

Surface Treatment:

Hot dipped Galvanized, Electro galvanized and PVC coated

Tensile Strength:

Soft: 380–550 N/mm2

High tensile: 800–1200 N/mm2


Pallet package and bulk package


A:Single strand

B: Normal twist double strand

C: Reverse twist double strand

Reverse twist double strand

Reverse twist double strand

Normal twist double strand

Normal twist double strand

Single strand

Single strand

Galvanized barbed wire
Wire Diameter (BWG)Length (m/kg)
Barb Distance 3"Barb Distance 4"Barb Distance 5"Barb Distance 6"
12 x 126.066.757.277.63
12 x 147.337.98.38.57
12.5 x 12.56.927.718.38.72
12.5 x 148.18.819.229.562
13 x 137.988.899.5710.05
13 x 148.849.6810.2910.71
13.5 x 149.610.6111.4711.85
14 x 1410.4511.6512.5413.17
14.5 x 14.511.9813.3614.3715.1
15 x 1513.8915.4916.6617.5
15.5 x 15.515.3417.1118.419.33
PVC Coated Barbed
Wire DiameterBarbs distanceBarb length
Before coatingAfter coating
1.0-3.5 mm1.4-4.0 mm75-150 mm15-30 mm
BWG 20-BWG 11BWG 17-BWG 8
PVC coating thickness:0.4-0.6 mm;different colors or length are available at customers request

Production Flow Chart

Barbed Wire PVC Coated Wire STEP 01

Barbed Wire PVC Coated Wire

Barbed Wire Production STEP 02

Barbed Wire Production

Barbed Wire Finished STEP 03

Barbed Wire Finished


Barbed Wire Package

Barbed Wire Package

Barbed Wire Delivery

Barbed Wire Delivery


2011,60tons barbed wire for Moxico.

2012,25tons barbed wire for Ageria.

2013,78000m concertina barbed wire for KISR Kuwait.

2011,74000m barbed wire for Kenya.

2015,50tons barbed wire for South Africa.

2017,50tons barbed wire for Kenya.


I ’m Mazen from kuwait. In 2013, we made KISR ’s fence with razor wire. I found a lot of suppliers in China. I got all the quotations for common barbed wire. It was ChieFENCE who pointed out that the document requires Concertina barbed wire. This avoids our mistakes. Thank you.


ChieFENCE provides barbed wire with strong anti-rust ability. I am very satisfied with the cooperation

-ChieFENCE Provides Barbed Wire with Strong Anti-rust Ability

I just started working with Chiefence in 2019. I imported barbed wire from China since 2015. But the previous supplier alway offer less weight. For example, I bought 25 tons, but after receiving it, it was only between 24.5-24.8 tons. The goods provided by ChieFENCE are all 25 tons / container.

-I just started working with Chiefence in 2019

I have been working with chiefence for 3 years and they are our agent in China. Can solve all my problems. :)

-Can Solve All My Problems


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