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Tips for Maintaining the Chain Link Fence

Aug. 28, 2021

Chain link fencing is an affordable fencing option that you can use to protect your property and keep your pets and children in your yard. But over time, the chain link fence will rust or even break. In order to avoid this situation, you need to properly maintain and maintain it to extend its service life.

Protect Against Rust

Although chain link fences are known for their durability and ability to withstand elements better than other types of fences, without proper coating, it can easily rust due to moisture due to rain, morning dew, and snow. If without proper coating it can easily become vulnerable to rust from moisture. You can prevent rust by spraying a rust-resistant coating on your chain link fence yearly. If without proper coating it can easily become vulnerable to rust from moisture.

Chain link fence

Chain link fence

Clean Your Fence Regularly

Chain link is very easy to clean, requiring only water to remove mild dirt and debris. Also, you can use your hose on a high-powered setting to spray down your fencing for easy cleanup.For truly tough areas, you may need to get out a scrub brush and some dish soap mixed in with your water to keep the fence sparkling.

After cleaning, you can use a wax to oil the fence's springs, latches, and joints, etc. with mineral oil. You can use steel wool to sand away light scratches. While painting, it is important that you let layers dry between one another , or else you will risk dripping and flaking.

Avoid Climbing on Chain Link

While it may sometimes seem easier to simply hop over the fence than actually use the gate, avoid this action at all times. When you climb on chain link, you risk bending support posts and pulling the chain link away from its bars, which can weaken entire lengths of your fencing.

Keep Chain Link Fence Vine Free

Many homeowners think that the vines on the fence are a wonderful way to add natural beauty to the yard. Although this may be true, we do not recommend that you plant vines, flowers or any type of decorative plants on the chain fence. Plants can grow through the chain link and lift your fencing up on the bottom or burst through the links and break them. If you find “sucker” tree seedlings near your fence, remove them right away so they do not end up growing into your chain link and destroy it.

Regular Inspection and Timely Maintenance

Plan a monthly check of the fence’s entire perimeter and review overall condition, look for signs of damage, and be sure the fence is still aligned and true. If the stability of the fence is in question, it’s time to bring in a pro.

A chain link fence uses special nails to secure everything in place, as well as nuts and bolts at junctions. Make regular checks of all hardware along the entire length of the fence, paying special attention to gate hinges.

Through correct maintenance, you can extend the life of your chain link fence.

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