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How to Choose the Suitable Farm Fence?

Sep. 23, 2021

As a steel fence supplier, I will share it with you.


Farm Fence

Farm Fence

Considerations When Choosing the Farm Fence


Your Livestock

The type of livestock you raise on the farm will definitely influence your decision on fencing. Cows and horses are bigger, so you need to set up taller and heavier fences for them. The pigs stand lower from the ground, so the fence should be shorter and more compact so that they will not run away. For sheep, a big concern is the threat of external predators. So using an electric fence or razor wire netting may be the most useful because it will prevent wild animals from approaching the sheep.


The Layout of the Fence

Setting the location of the fence will not only affect the shape of the internal space, but also affect the stability of the fence. Therefore, when choosing a farm fence, the layout of the fence is a factor that needs to be considered.

You must make sure that the fence stays in your house before layout, so as not to cause problems for neighbors. Measuring the land and making physical marks on it will help you decide where to place the fence.

In addition, you have to consider where to place the entrance and exit gates so that they can move on your land. All these locations should be convenient for movement and access to various parts of the farm.

In order to maximize the stability of the fence, please do not place the fence on rocky, bumpy, hard or steeply sloping ground.


The Material of the Fence

The material can determine the appearance and function of the fence. The wire fence allows you to maintain visibility of areas outside it while remaining strong enough to accommodate livestock.

In addition, you can choose between electric, barbed and regular crossover wires for the fence. Wood is another common material because you can arrange its planks into thick fences to accommodate larger and stronger animals. However, the wooden fence requires more maintenance because it absorbs water and causes it to rot; at the same time, it is also affected by insects and sunlight.

The Role of a Farm Fence

As a Grassland Boundary

The basic construction of the farm fence enabled herders to complete the reasonable supervision of the grassland contracting rights, resolved the objections of the herdsmen’ pasture boundaries, and stimulated the herdsmen’ aquaculture production and manufacturing initiative.


The Effect on Grassland Plant Communities

The grassland plant community in the fenced area has been significantly restored. Herdsmen stocking in the fence greatly reduces labor efficiency and saves product costs.


The Efficacy of Disease Prevention

The pasture has produced a relatively closed small natural environment based on the farm fence, which has an isolation effect against the sporadic spotted animal epidemics caused by nearby herdsmen, preventing small animals from touching each other and causing the spread of the epidemic.

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