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Different Materials Fences

Aug. 19, 2020

The fence is a very important thing in life. If you have a house, then you will need a fence.

Beautiful yard fence can give us a better quality of life,

Anti-finger fence can ensure the safety of our lives and property,

Wood fence can make rural life better

Different Materials Fences

How do we distinguish between different fences?

We can see the fence in various places. As per the location, we name the factory fence, airport fence, prison fence, home fence, park fence, construction site fence, hotel fence, highway fence, iron fence

Chiefence can offer Welded Mesh Fence, High-security fence/Anti-climb fence/Anti finger fence, chain link fence, etc. But they are all steel fences. Today I want to talk about Different materials fence.

The most popular materials for fence

1. Aluminum

2. Wood

3. Vinyl

4. Steel

Aluminum Fences

Ⅰ. Aluminum fence

Aluminum is the attractive and basic material for the fence.


1. Lighter than steel fence

2. No rust

3. Easy Maintenance


1. Weak (not as strong as steel fence)

Wood Fences

Ⅱ. Wood fence

A wood fence can boost your house appeal. North American people all like wood fence.


1. Privacy

2. Beautiful

3. environmental protection


1. High maintenance frequency

2. Low security

Vinyl Fences

Ⅲ.Vinyl fence

Vinyl fence is the cheapest in the 4 materials.


1. Privacy

2. Beautiful

3. Cheap price


1. Low security

Steel Fences

Ⅴ.Steel Fence

The famous Wrought Iron Fence, Chain link fence, Anti-climb fence, farm fence, Electric fence stainless steel fence, all belong to a steel fence.


1. Stronger than other materials

2. 5-10 years no rust

3. Easy Maintenance

4. High security


  1. The surface coating prevents the fence from rusting. Can not destroy the protective layer.

Types of steel fence


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