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What are the Requirements and Methods When Setting Up Lawn Guardrails?

Jun. 23, 2021

We usually see guardrails on the lawns of residential communities. This is what we usually call lawn guardrails. So, today Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence Manufacturer will come to talk to you about the requirements and methods when setting up lawn guardrails.

Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence

Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence

First use the markers on the curb to draw a horizontal line based on the column spacing. Lawn guardrail refers to the guardrail installed on the periphery of the lawn to protect the lawn, commonly known as lawn guardrail. Its main purpose is to decorate courtyard green spaces, garden paths, and between urban avenues. The white and beautiful visual effect makes homes, cities, and places where we live. More beautiful, more beautiful. The pvc guardrail is designed to withstand general wind loads. The resistance to wind load depends on the installation of the columns and horizontal crossbars, as well as the type of guardrail. The sparsely fenced guardrail is more resistant to wind loads. Install according to the instructions, the guardrail can resist normal wind load. The company's products have been tested by a special agency and are qualified for wind load resistance.

Then, according to the fitting part of the curb and shoulder, the overall smooth alignment is performed using measuring instruments, and then the partial lines are arranged along the road direction with cords and nails, and the alignment is adjusted repeatedly to make it consistent with the overall alignment as much as possible. Draw a vertical line perpendicular to the horizontal line on this line to form a cross line.

When driving into the column, drive the column strictly according to the distance between the column and the intersection line to ensure the basic straightness of the column in the longitudinal direction. The position of the pile hammer is recorded on the guide rod of the pile driver. After each lawn guardrail post is driven, when the pile hammer falls to the recorded position, the height of the post meets the design requirements. In a single construction, due to the uneven height deviation on the top surface of the curb, the individual deviation values are relatively large, which is reflected in the uneven linear shape of the column top surface, and the column height needs to be corrected, which will consume additional costs and time.

Therefore, piling funds should control the height of the top of the column in advance. The method is: first measure the top surface elevation of the curb, use a computer to curve-fit the measurement results, and express the longitudinal curve of the entire section as an overall smooth curve, as long as the top surface of the curb is calculated according to the lawn guardrail method described above Elevation adjustment value, you can get the elevation adjustment value of the top of the curb. Column positioning is very easy to complete, that is, fast and good quality.

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