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6 ft welded wire fencing panels from ChieFENCE

Sep. 14, 2020

All the 6 ft welded wire fencing panels from ChieFENCE are strictly factory-made beneath the quality EN-10223-4, EN-10218-2, EN-10244-2, EN-10245-4. If Customers don't have any special request, we'll arrange to manufacture beneath the above four standards.


There are many sorts of 6 ft welded wire fencing panels which are 3D welded mesh fence panels, welded Holland fence rolls, welded BRC fence panels, welded double wire panels, 6ft anti-finger fence panels.


All the above 6 ft welded wire fencing panels are all well inspected before we export. First, once we have an order to reserve the wire rod material, we want to send it to the science laboratory to check its tensile strength. In keeping with EN-10223-4, the tension strength of 6 ft welded wire fencing panels materials ought to be within the vary of 350Mpa ~ 900Mpa. After the wire has been drawn to acceptable wire thickness.

we'll check its thickness in keeping with EN-10218-2, all the wires got to be within the tolerance, or our QC employees can replace the wire material before welding. Throughout the welding process of 6 ft welded wire fencing panels, our QC employees can do the examination of the mesh size. We will check 2 mesh in each a hundred mesh randomly. If there's any mesh that isn't within the vary of tolerance, the entire panel is going to be marked as an off-test product. once the welding method, we'll send a sample to the science laboratory to check its welding strength.

In keeping with EN-10223-4, the tension strength ought to be over seventy-five percent(55%) of the tensile strength of the fabric.


All the science laboratory check methodologies are going to be strictly followed the check methodology showed within the standard commonplace.

Moreover, Great quality comes from our strict inspection method.

the basic the fundamental job to form build name of our ChieFENCE name.

If you would like additional details regarding our QC, please contact ChieFENCE anytime.

6 ft welded wire fencing panels from ChieFENCE


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