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What is the Difference Between Hot-Dip Galvanized and Cold-Dip Galvanized Guardrail?

May. 22, 2021

As a Chain Link Fence Panels Manufacturer, share with you.

Hot-dip galvanizing: The principle is to immerse steel equipment in molten zinc to obtain a metal coating.

Cold galvanizing: The principle is to put the processed steel equipment into a solution of zinc salt after degreasing and pickling. After connecting the electrolytic equipment, a layer of zinc is deposited on the steel equipment using the electrochemical principle.

Chain Link Fence Panels

Chain Link Fence Panels

The required equipment is different

Hot-dip galvanizing: pickling equipment, bottom-drawing annealing furnace or bell-type annealing furnace.

Cold galvanizing: electrolysis equipment.

Performance and strengths are different

Hot-dip galvanizing: long-lasting anti-corrosion, the standard quality of hot-dip galvanizing anti-rust thickness makes it have durability; the coating has strong resistance, the hot-dip galvanizing layer forms a common tempered metal structure, this metal The structure can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use.

Cold galvanized: has excellent environmental performance. Most cold galvanizing solvents and thinners do not contain toxic organic solvents, and the cold galvanizing process also reduces the evaporation of organic solvents, reduces drying energy consumption, and is beneficial to environmental protection

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