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What are the Precautions for the Safety Fence?

May. 06, 2021

If your home is your castle, then a good security fence is the first line of defense against harmful intruders entering your kingdom. But what exactly constitutes a "good" safety fence? As a Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence Manufacturer, share it with you.

This type of fence installation involves all the details. Learn how to install a safety fence that will truly protect your house-and what not to do.

Before starting to install the safety fence, please determine whether you need to obtain a license. The height of residential fences may be restricted. For backyard fences, the upper limit is usually 6 feet, and for the front of the property, the upper limit is 3-4 feet.

Double Wire Fence

Double Wire Fence

Remember the real function of the safety fence.

Most intrusions are random, depending on the appearance of the house. First, your security fence should be designed to stop offenders before they try to enter.

Don't let the height restriction of the safety fence mess up you.

Make sure your fence is not easy to cross. For example, install chain-link fences and woven them small enough to not provide convenient handles or footing points. Other measures may include paving or layering the fence with nails.

Be sure to pay attention to seemingly subtle details.

The screws or other hardware used to fasten the fence together should be strong and difficult to loosen; welding can achieve the strongest connection. The thickness of the wire mesh fence should be sufficient to resist cutting.

Don't ignore the importance of a good door.

As mentioned earlier, all hardware should be firmly fixed in place. Build the gate as high as the fence so that it does not become a weak link. Install necessary backups, such as additional lighting, intercom system, and fingerprint or iris recognition technology.

Do not install safety fences that can easily cover up potential intruders.

For example, if you plan to install a wooden fence, use a sturdy wooden fence style, which has greater visibility than enclosed fences.

Please consider using an electric fence.

An electric shock when in contact with a fence often has a powerful deterrent effect on potential intruders or vandals. Electric fences are usually a very cost-effective way to meet household safety requirements.

Be sure to make your residential security fence look pleasant.

In addition to privacy and security, you also want your house to provide you and your family with a comfortable and warm feeling. To achieve this effect, you can reinforce the appearance of a solid metal fence by using a natural green hedge as a backing.

Be sure to develop a comprehensive home safety plan.

Combine your fence with other deterrent and defensive measures, such as outdoor lighting, anti-theft alarms with backup power and/or advanced smart home systems, which will notify you of any activity going on in the house.

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