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What are the Surface Treatment Methods for Stadium Fences?

Mar. 03, 2021

As a Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence Manufacturer, share it with you.

In daily life, stadiums and stadium fences are very common. There are generally two common surface treatment methods for stadium fences: dipping and spraying. What is the difference between these two modes?

Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence

Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence

First, we sandblast the stadium fence. Then the electrostatic powder is sprayed on the surface of the column, and the plastic powder is charged by an electrostatic generator, adsorbed on the surface of the column, and then baked at a high temperature to make the powder melt and adhere to the surface of the column, and the surface of the column presents a flat or matte effect. For example, fitness equipment in our lives, refrigerator tray racks, solar surfaces, and community guardrail surfaces.

Dipping the stadium fence is to heat the columns and other accessories at high temperature, and then immerse the columns in the powder pool. Then hang the pieces on the car and transport them to the smoothing room for leveling treatment. For example, the hangers for drying clothes, the handles of pliers, the rubber sleeves on the scissors, and various handrails that we use daily.

Compared with these two processes, the cost of dipping is relatively low, because the price of dipping powder is lower than that of iron, but after the product is completed, the quality of sprayed products is better and the weight is heavier, but the surface of the product They are all very good and very smooth.

The colors of the two processes can be yellow, red, white, blue, green, and black.

Dip products are based on steel, weather-resistant polymer resin as the outer layer (thickness 0.5-1.0mm), with the characteristics of anti-corrosion, rust, acid and alkali, moisture-proof, insulation, aging resistance, good hand feeling, environmental protection, long life. It is an updated product of traditional paint, galvanized and other coating films, and it has a wide range of uses.

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