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What are the Protective Measures for Finished Fences?

Mar. 18, 2021

As a Chain Link Fence Panels Factory, share with you.

After purchasing and installing the fence, many people may think that we can ignore it and don’t need to protect it. Because zinc steel material has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance, it should not be protected after it is produced. In fact, this is There is a big misunderstanding. I will introduce to you why the zinc steel fence does not rust. The reason why it does not rust is because it has several layers of protection, zinc layer, and polyurethane coating. If both layers of protection are removed, you will find that the zinc steel balcony guardrail is also rusty.

Therefore, after the fence is installed, we still have to protect him. For example, we all use filming treatment before leaving the factory. The filming is to prevent you from scratching the surface coating during installation, just like car waxing and sealing glaze.

Chain Link Fence Panels

Chain Link Fence Panels

I will give you a few tips to teach you how to distinguish the quality of the fence net. I hope to help you when distinguishing fence products.

First of all, to identify the material of the zinc steel fence, regular manufacturers have regular purchase channels, and generally do not purchase materials from unknown small factories for production.

1. To see if the gloss of the fence is high, smooth and not scratched, and whether the surface treatment technology is meticulous, this is a direct means to distinguish the zinc steel fence.

2. To judge the strength of the fence, the zinc steel fence of the regular manufacturer is more flexible and not easy to break.

3. There will be no unevenness, different thicknesses, and large price gaps in the overall fence.

4. The fence manufacturer can be inspected to see if it meets the standard of the regular manufacturer.

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